Refund/Cancellation Policy
Dear client,
            We endeavor to provide you with the best online tutoring services in every academic field, academic consultancy, & educational training. However, we also have a refund policy that would ensure that your payments are secure in case of non-receipt of services or in case of duplicate payment.. Also, when you book your session with us, we assume that you must have read and agreed to all the policies that have been stated.

We work to deliver the best quality to our clients. We follow the best practices to deliver quality solutions that help our clients. We firmly believe in truthfulness so we have crafted a fully transparent refund policy. Also, when you place an order on our website, we assume that you have read and agree to all the policies stated.

A refund/ cancellation policy will be applicable under certain conditions only. These are:
Cancellation by the client
* We entertain the cancellation of service on the request of the client as For instance, a client books service with us before the 24 hours of commencement time, then the following refund process would be initiated from our end.

* If the client cancels the service request any time before 24 hours from the commencement of the service, then 100% of the amount would be refunded.

* If the client cancels the service between 18-24 hours before the commencement of the service, then 50% of the total amount would be refunded.

* If the client cancels the service, before 6 hours of the commencement of the session, then no amount would be refunded.

* We are not responsible for any charges that your bank will charge on the transaction.
Cancellation by us
If the session has been cancelled by us due to any unforeseen situation or could not find the best match experts according to the need, the total amount would be refunded to the client within 7 working days.

In addition to these refund/ cancellation policies, some additional terms and conditions are

Please make sure to go through each and every terms and condition diligently, before booking a session with us.

* In case, the client is not satisfied with the session/service, then we would provide them with one more session, at no additional cost.
* In case, there is any additional requirement from the client, we would cater to them. However, additional costs might incur, based on the requirement.
* In case of any unforeseen events, if we cancel the session, then we will reschedule the session at the time which suits both parties.
* In case of any unforeseen events, if we cancel the session, then we will reschedule the session at the time which suits both parties.
* If the user makes the payment twice by mistake then he/ she is liable for a full refund of the additional payment done
* If the user cancels the order once the expert is assigned to the project then he/she will not be eligible for any refund.

On some rare occasions, if Coursementor is not able to complete the project, the money paid for the order can be used by the user for the next order.
Refund wont allowed
* If a customer asks for some modification that is not mentioned in the original requirement. (Requirement is changed)

* Maximum delivery time within 24 hours, this is a non-refundable order and after purchase, it cannot be cancelled if a solution is delivered or downloaded.

* Refund can’t be considered if you change your original requirement, which is mentioned at the time of purchase.

* An email formally asks for a refund won’t be considered. You will need to show proper proof and documents, showing bad service delivery.

* The purchase of lengthy writing documents – refund can’t be considered after full-service delivery. If you have an issue in the purchase then you can ask for revision/modification within 7 days from the day we deliver your order. These orders are time-consuming and if you have any issues then you can simply ask us for modification/revision, we give you quick support within 7 days from the day we deliver your order.

* If you follow some revisions/modifications or long follow-ups in the revision case then the refund request can’t be considered. It shows you have mutually agreed with the delivered solution.

* You may request any Modification/clarifications within 7 days from the day we deliver your order. If you ask for modification/clarification after 7 days, it will be asked for extra payment for the expert’s assistance. You can’t claim the refund in the same case.

We do not consider any individual grading system. We believe customer's satisfaction and quality working as per client's requirements. The refund request will be processed if you state the proper issues/reasons for bad service delivery. You will be answered within a quick time.

The terms and conditions are subject to change as per the guidelines of the management. So, make sure to check the website for regular updates.
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