Advanced Excel Training
Learn Excel from Basics to Advanced
Data analysis skills are highly sought by data-driven organizations who wish to harness data to improve business results. This course will help you become a resourceful and independent data analyst who can help organizations reach their goals.
It will cover the main tasks of skillful data analysts – Data importing, cleaning, wrangling, interpreting and visualizing, with special emphasis on real-time dashboards. You will learn advanced techniques and touch upon data science principles with Excel and external plugins.
Come learn from professionals and become an Excel Star! Start with the basics and go deep into advanced Excel topics. Get access to real-time projects, excellent reference material and post-training assistance.
What you will learn?
Master the main tasks of data analysis required by data-driven organizations
Overcome data analysis challenges by learning advanced techniques and methods in Excel
Learn to visualize data and create live dashboards that answer business questions
Engage in real data analysis challenges that simulate the complexity and challenges in a business environment
Communicating your findings/reports clearly to various stakeholders
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